Stretch Strength Control

Welcome to the official website of True Pilates Trento, the only centre in the district of Trentino Alto Adige recognized by Romana’s Pilates and True Pilates New York. At True Pilates Trento we provide the original method as devised by Joseph Hubertus Pilates and as currently taught by his direct heirs Romana Kryzanowska and Sari Mejia-Santo. The Pilates method is the perfect way to improve one’s fitness regardless of age or performance level. It aims to strengthen the spine and muscles, to improve the posture, to harmoniously develop muscle tone, elasticity, strength and flexibility. Ready to meeting your needs we are looking forward to building your training programme together with you.

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FREE trial session

You can book a free trial session at True Pilates Trento. Further information available on this page.